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Vision & Philosophy


The vision of the Wrightchoice Football Academy is to provide a vibrant and player-centred football environment that meets each player at their individual need to develop their football potential and lays a foundation for a positive future in the game. 

Our philosophy for player development involves some key principles around the environment created, the vision of the player as an individual and having the coaching/mentoring capacity to meet the young players’ need technically, tactically, psychologically, physically and socially.

What does vibrant, player-centred environment look like to us?

The Wrightchoice Football Academy is a child friendly, player centred, learning environment that aims to meet each child at their particular area of need. 

The football session should be a place where the players’ imagination is allowed to be sparked and creativity and intensity is demonstrated by the youngsters playing the game.

This is achieved by making sure the environment is one in which the young players feel free to learn creatively by playing in practices that challenge them appropriately in a variety of ways and with fantastic support from quality youth coaches.

To us, a player centred environment means that everything about the session is designed to put the players in centre-stage. Practices will involve the players having as much opportunity to develop their technique and decision-making by having plenty of contact time with the football and playing in realistic and relevant games for their stage of development. 

The players will play, and the coaches will facilitate learning by giving the correct quantity and quality of information through commands,

questioning and challenges.

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