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The Player


Each child at the session should know that the session is for them, and they have access to everything in order to help them improve their footballing ability. One of the most enjoyable aspects of youth player development is that each individual has their characteristics and it is the job of the developer to know each person and cater to them appropriately to bring about their development.

The Wrightchoice Football Academy is very committed to this and the centre will demonstrate certain flexibilities to allow each player to develop in their own way.


Wrightchoice Academy recruits

Due to the nature of the Wrightchoice Football Academy session, there are certain characteristics we like to see in the young players we invite to become a potential Wrightchoice Academy member. Obviously football talent plays a major part but alongside this, the child must show an enthusiasm for learning and improving their capabilities in football. As mentioned above, we recognise that we are working with children and they will all have different characteristics, however, in order for us to be able to create the environment we need we want young players who are enthusiastic about football and ready to participate and learn in a variety of practice/coaching formats. 

Our coaches are trained and ready to adapt to all individuals but recruiting children who already demonstrate a great attitude to learning in a football environment has the capacity to accelerate development immeasurably.

Players recruited to train at the Wrightchoice Football Academy may be identified as having some of the following attributes and it is then the role of our Academy to develop the player further to allow give them the best chance of reaching their potential:

  •  Key physical attributes [Advanced agility, co-ordination, balance    
    and speed]

  •  High level ball mastery – carrying, manoeuvring and striking ability

  •  In-game personality and an effective football style/identity

  •  High level awareness, anticipation, decision-making capacity and  

   game understanding

  •  Excellent team awareness and leadership qualities.

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