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SAQ Sessions


During our Speed Agility and Quickness (SAQ) training sessions, we will focus on developing the tools utilized by our athletes for skill execution and individual tactics. In order to achieve the maximal results outlined in our philosophy, we believe in training all the components that make up a complete athlete. The complete athlete is composed of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual entities. At Wrightchoice Sports, we focus on providing athletes with an environment in which they can flourish by trying new skills or perfecting already existent skills. It is important for each athlete to understand that in order to yield positive results, a higher level of work ethic is required at all times. Our ultimate goal here at Wrightchoice Sports is to have each athlete leave our program with a new set of skills, increased confidence in their skills and a new approach to attacking training sessions.

Our Speed Agility and Quickness sessions will help athletes become stronger, faster, quicker and more powerful for their respective sports. These fitness characteristics will be improved through specific movement patterns, reactivity, rotary power, balance, acceleration and deceleration drills, rapid excitation and speed and conditioning drills.

We offer SAQ sessions on both an individual and group basis.

For more information on our SAQ sessions, please Contact Us.

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