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Coach Education

Wrightchoice is aware that in order to remain a quality provider to youth football, our coaches must also be on a continual process of development in order to provide the best experience possible for our young players. 

We encourage each coach to research and develop their coaching ideas and as a group we all benefit from this culture of forward thinking.

Although there may be differences in style, our coaches understand and subscribe to the philosophy put forward by the Wrightchoice Academy as our key principles of player development. As coaches we meet to discuss a variety of issues and concepts of player development on a regular basis.

In addition to this we feel it is essential that we discuss our observations of young players in the Academy and the Academy as a whole to ensure that our work remains relevant and we have a high level of consistency and consensus in the work we carry out.

In order to further our development we work together theoretically through conversation, session planning and in group discussion. Also on the coaching pitch we are focussed on attempting different practice setups and from this providing observation and feedback on our ideas in order to move forward as a specialised staff base of player development.


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